Red Eye Aviation is a dynamic business that is locally operated in NYC by a Minority-owned Business Enterprise that is financed by its owners and private investors.

We provide staffing, resources, and services for Airlines and Airports nationwide.  Our Leadership consists of various experiences and diverse backgrounds from restaurants/catering, medical to aviation services (over 30 years in aviation).  We are passionate about hiring and training the right team members by recruiting based on skills and experience, we also look for personality and soft skills.  These are often the key points for our clients and the services we provide in the aviation markets.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients and staff by providing the highest quality and value in every aspect of our service.  We transform and adapt to meet market needs, we have a smaller overhead which equates to competitive pricing and we are family-oriented and people-centered.

We Are Always Looking Ahead Focusing On:


  • Senior leadership engaged in every operation.
  • MBE owned business
  • Key senior leadership has over 30+ years experience in aviation business.


  • Safety always culture
  • 15+ years experience in safety
  • Employee driven


  • Employee incentive programs to recognize outstanding performance.
  • Happy Employee = Happy Leadership = Happy Client = Zero Safety Incidents


  • Specific training of employees knowing tasks, equipment and expectations.
  • Reward vs. Risk is taught.


  • Decrease safety incidents =Decreased lost time=Increase cost savings =Happy Customer = Long Lasting Relationships


Head Chef/Culinary Expert

  • Culinary Management experience from running Bakery and Restaurants for over 40 Years
  • Owner/Operator of Bakery and Restaurant with 5 Locations spread from New York to Florida.
  • Passion for food and keeping abreast of culinary trends
  •  teacher of food to a diverse work force
  • Excellent client relations skills, professionalism and a proactive hands-on approach
  • Proven track record of enforcing food safety and sanitation standards
  • posses excellent leadership and communication skills with the ability to maintain the highest of standards and implements company policies;
  • experienced in working in a high volume restaurant with strong management skills.
  • Able to Follow nutritional guidelines for different audiences

NYC Certified Food Handler

Proficient in dry ice handling

Marketing / Safety Expert

  • Associated with the Airline Community since 2003
  • Managed a large volume of employees
  • Proficient in following contractual protocols and procedures
  • Expert in developing and implementing safety protocols to minimize the risk of injury or equipment damage that leads to costly expenditures (Aviation Specific)
  • Coaching employees to their strengths
  • Building Long lasting relationships
  • Ability to Analyze  a work force and adapt to necessary management styles.
  • Over 20 years experience in managing financial aspect of large family owned restaurant and Bakery
  • Expanded catering business to serve employee meals in JFK and Logan International Airports
  • Implemented Safety practices and safe food handling protocols within Family owned business with 5 locations.

VP Operation

  • In the aviation field since 1990, started as a CSR with America West Airlines and most recently as an RVP for ABM, Inc.
  • Managed all aspects of Aviation business including oversight of catering, fueling, customer service, ramp and deicing.
  • Experienced in managing and providing oversight to small and large volume of employees.
  • Experienced in starting small to large sized operations in all U.S. Airports
  • Coached and mentored many leaders in aviation business
  • Maintains an excellent customer relations with clients both small and large
  • Managed a diverse work force and motivated staff to provide quality services to Airlines and Airports.
  • Implemented and managed a positive safety culture for all work forces and customers
  • Provided oversight to the catering Operations while at ABM for both BOS and JFK related to DL Airlines and JB Airlines


Your Capable Aviation Service Provider